Mission & Vision

Mission of UniRail:

The mission of UniRail is to be an interesting, leading and innovating service provider within the Bulgarian Railway and Railway Maintenance Industry. Our interest is to deliver breakthrough innovations and enable companies to create more sustainable value. Furthermore the human approach towards our customers will be our key theme throughout the year.

Vision of UniRail:

To realize the mission, UniRail wants to:

  • Be efficient by using a smart, simple and flat management
  • Be customer-driven. Our Customers are the main focus of everything we do. We establish trusting relationships by acting proactively and honestly.
  • Be highly service orientated. We serve our clients' needs with outstanding solutions, products and services.
  • Offer its employees a challenging job within a smart organization. By giving our employees wings, we offer a different environment in which the individuals can develop and grow.
  • Build rewarding partnerships, which allow our respective businesses to prosper. Establish relationships based on trust and respect. Our suppliers are essential to our success.
  •  Be innovative

    Values of UniRail:
    We behave with integrity and in an ethical manner in everything we do and say, thereby earning and maintaining the trust and respect of customers, shareholders, suppliers, colleagues, partners and communities.

Commitment to excellence
Our commitment is to demonstrate excellence in all spheres of our work and in our interactions with customers, shareholders, suppliers, colleagues, partners and communities. In addition, we commit to exercising judgment, professionalism, self-discipline, perseverance and team spirit.